Hey there. My name is Vincent Wielders. A thirty something year old UX and brand designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (That's next to Amsterdam)

What I do on a daily basis? It's simple... Create digital products with a smile. For me and the people using your products. That's why you'll see a lot of brightly designed, sometimes quirky looking apps and websites on my portfolio.

You see... I like to think every design concept should be emotionally connected to you as a person. Made for you. Fun to use and so simple, even a child could (and wants to) use it.  Because aren't we all just a happy bunch of childeren flying a thousand miles per hour through space on a giant ball called Earth?


The philophy of minimal design

My design philosophy is created on the principle of designing less rather than more. To simplify instead of multiply. While this is a rather common sentence most designers will sell to you as a product owner, few actually now how this philosophy is embodied responsibly. This doesnt mean we can't design a complex and intrinsique UI. On the contrary. Keeping this design philophy at the roots of my design-language for many years now, has proven that even the most complex product which seems impossible to simplify... can in fact be... well..  simplified. Without losing any of the functionality it had before. The benefits are that your product will stand out, be easier to use and can be perceived as emphatic. 


Want to know how this philosophy can improve your product? Or do you think you have a product that's impossible to simplify? Let me make it easy for you: Give me a call or take the old fashioned route, and send me an email.

Companies that already took on the challenge with me: